Zoning Code

The regulations contained in the City of Tahlequah Zoning Ordinance are necessary to encourage the most appropriate uses of land; to maintain and stabilize the value of property; to reduce fire hazards and improve public safety and safeguard the public health; to decrease traffic congestion and its accompanying hazards; to prevent undue concentration of population; and to create a comprehensive and stable pattern of land uses upon which to plan for transportation, water supply, sewerage, schools, parks, public utilities, and other facilities.

Interpreting and applying the provision of the ordinance shall be necessary for the promotion of public health, safety, comfort, convenience and general welfare. 

Nature of Zoning Plan

The Zoning Ordinance classifies and regulates the use of land, buildings, and structures within the limits of the City. The regulations contained herein divide the City in zones and regulates the use of the land, the use of buildings and the size of building as to height and number of stories, coverage of the land by buildings, the size of yards and open spaces, the location of buildings, and density of population. 

Zoning Map 

The zoning districts are shown on the City of Tahlequah “Official Zoning Map.” The boundaries of the Zoning Map are adopted as a part of the Zoning Ordinance. Procedures for zoning map amendments can be found in Section 7.4.D. 2. 

If changes are made in district boundaries, such changes shall be made on the Official Zoning Map promptly after the amendment has been approved by the City Council. 

No amendments to the Official Zoning Map shall become effective until such change has been made on the map. 3. Regardless of the existence of purported copies of the Official Zoning Map, which may from time to time be published, the Official Zoning Map, which shall be located in the office of the City Clerk, shall be the final authority as to the current status of land and water areas, buildings, and other structures in the City. 

  1. Taylor Tannehill

    Planning and Development Director