Pool Permit

Similar to a land disturbing permit, a pool permit shall be obtained for any construction activities causing land disturbance on a parcel of any size within the city limits.

According to City Ordinance, a swimming pool shall be completely enclosed by a permanent wall or fence not less than four feet in height. Each gate used for pool ingress and egress shall be affixed with a self-closing mechanism. A swimming pool shall not be located in the front yard and the walls of the swimming pool shall be at least ten feet from a side or rear lot line.  

The fee for a pool permit is $100.00 + $4.00 State fee + $0.50 administrative fee.  Also requires a land disturb permit.

Download Pool Permit Form.

For more information and to obtain a permit application, please contact the building inspector.  

  1. Richard Coffron

    Building Inspector

  2. Ray Hammons

    Compliance Coordinator

  3. Ryan Young

    Code Compliance Officer

  4. Ashtin Hummingbird

    Finance Support Assistant