Tahlequah History Trail

In 1992, the Tahlequah History Trail originally started as a drawing of paths near Town Branch Creek. 

  1. History Sign - Cherokee Settlement         
  2. Wooden Pedestrian BridgeTahlequah History Trail Map(JPG)
  3. Rosamund House
  4. Franklin Castle
  5. History Sign - Franklin Castle
  6. History Sign - Seminary Hall
  7. Seminary Hall
  8. Norris Park
  9. History Sign - History of Tahlequah Part I
  10. Gazebo
  11. History Sign - History of Tahlequah Part II
  12. Norris Park Playground
  13. Bailey Falls
  14. Sequoyah Park
  15. History Sign - Sequoyah
  16. Sequoyah Park Playground
  17. WPA American Legion
  18. Brookside House
  19. Swimming Pool
  20. Skate Board Park
  21. Truss Bridges
  22. WPA Armory Building
  23. History Sign - Capitol Square
  24. Capitol Square
  25. Supreme Court Building
  26. Historic Penitentiary

Trail System Map

Over the last year, the trail has been extended using many features already available in the existing park system, connecting Sequoyah Park to Ross Park, and then to Felts Park. The 10-foot-wide trail offers a mean of exercise and transportation for foot and bike travel when traveling north or south near the center of town. The trail system also includes emergency phone stations and lighting.