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Vacation House Watch Request

  1. Planning That Upcoming Vacation?
    One item on your preparation list should be a request for the Vacation House Watch Program with the Tahlequah Police Department. This program works to ensure the security of your home while you are away. Citizens living within the Tahlequah City Limits can be placed on the "Vacation Watch" list by completing a form at the Police Department, or submitting your request below. Your home will then be checked one time each shift (3 checks in a 24-hour period) for a maximum of 2 weeks. If any sign of forced entry or unexpected change occurs, the police officer will refer to the information provided and notify the emergency contact listed. After your return, we will send you a detailed listing of all activity during your residence watch.
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  3. Type of Premise*
  4. Alarm System*
  5. Lights On Constantly*
  6. Lights On Automatically*
  7. Keys Left with Anyone*
  8. Do you wish to be contacted by collect call due to an emergency?*
  9. By clicking the Submit button below, I hereby request that a Security Check be performed by the Tahlequah Police Department on the above indicated premise(s) throughout the time period stated and that I have read and understand the service for which I am to receive on the dates indicated above. Additionally, I do agree that it is my responsibility to immediately notify the Tahlequah Police Department upon my return.

    Please submit this form at least 3 days prior to the starting date.
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