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Land Disturbing Permit Application: For Sites Under 1 Acre


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  • Step One

    1. Type of Land Disturbance*
    2. Stormwater Management
      The Stormwater Program is responsible for ensuring Oklahoma's waterbodies are protected. City Code, Part 18; Chapter 4: Construction Activities requires a Land Disturbing Permit before the land is cleared.
    3. *A 50 foot vegetative buffer is applicable to all waterbodies in the City of Tahlequah
    4. Are there any wetlands or tributaries on the property?*
    5. Please check the nearest waterbody to your site
    6. Additional Permits That May Be Require
      • 404 Permit from Army Corp of Engineers for any disruption of any dry or wet tributary or creek.

      By clicking "Submit form" below, I am effectively providing my electronic signature authorizing the City of Tahlequah to begin the process(es) for the submitted application.
    7. Stormwater Team
      The following individual (s) is responsible for installing and maintaining pollution prevention measures, good housekeeping, staff training, reporting spills, and recording corrective actions. Site inspections will be conducted every 7 days and after a storm event of 0.5 inches or greater.
    8. Stormwater Control Measures
      The purpose of Best Management Practices (BMPs) is to reduce pollutants and volume of stormwater leaving the construction site. All BMPs will be selected, installed, and maintained in accordance with good engineering practices and manufacturer's specifications. Please check all BMPs that will be used at the site:
    9. Check all types of erosion control measures that will be utilized to prevent sediment from washing off site.*
    10. Land Stabilization after Construction