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Fire Sprinkler Project Permit Application Form

  1. Fire Sprinkler Project Permit Application Form
  2. Phased Project? *
  3. Within City Limits? *
  4. Partial System?
    Partial system requires 2 hour fire separation
  5. include attic if combustible construction and protected
  6. Fee = FT² x $0.03 Minimum Fee $54.00
  7. Fire Alarm being installed?
  8. Existing Fire Alarm system?
  9. Elevator being installed?
  10. Is there an existing elevator?
  11. Dry system being installed?
  12. Existing dry system?
  13. Pre-action system being installed?
  14. Existing pre-action system?
  15. Antifreeze system being installed?
  16. Existing antifreeze system?
  17. Is this a new, existing or remodeled building?
  18. Fire pump being installed?
  19. Existing fire pump?
  20. Fire sprinkler tank being installed?
  21. Existing fire sprinkler tank?
  22. Are flex heads being installed?
  23. Existing flex heads installed?
  24. Mailing/Contact Information
    All items to be returned shipping will be at the customer's expense. A properly filled out return label and packaging must be provided to our office with this transmittal form or items will require pick up.
  25. I wish to pick up the plans
  26. Mail reviewed plans
  27. Return using third party carrier
    (FedEx, UPS, etc.)
  28. Third Party Carrier Information
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