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Planning and Zoning Commission Application

  1. Please choose one or more of the following:
  2. Please choose one of the following:
  3. Applicant information
  4. I, the undersigned applicant, certify that the information provided on this application is true and correct.
  5. Application fees
  6. A person knowledgeable of the application and the property must attend the meeting to represent ht eapplication. Site plans and development proposals should be submitted at the time of application. Photos or renderings may be presented at the hearing, please coordinate this with Planning and Development staff prior to the hearing.
  7. City Council Chambers, City of Tahlequah City Hall, 111 S. Cherokee Avenue
  8. City Council Chambers, City of Tahlequah City Hall, 111 S. Cherokee Avenue
  9. Authorization for the City of Tahlequah to obtain names and mailing addresses of owners of property within 300/1320 feet located in Cherokee County only.
    Authorization and Release
  10. Applicant's signature and Date
  11. PUD and PUD Major Amendment

    Submittal Requirements

  12. Platting Requirement
    For the purposes of providing a proper arrangement of streets and assuring the adequacy of open spaces for traffic, utilities, and access of emergency vehicles, commensurate with the intensification of land use customarily incident to a change of zoning, a platting requirement is established as follows; For any land which has been rezoned upon application of a private party, no building permit or zoning clearance permit may be issued until that portion of the tract on which the permit is sought has been included within a subdivision plat or replat, as the case may be submitted to and approved by the Planning Commission, and filed of record in the office of the Cherokee County Clerk. Provided that the Planning Commission, pursuant to their exclusive jurisdiction over subdivision plats, may waive the platting requirement upon a determination that the above stated purposes have been achieved by previous platting or could not be achieved by a plat or replat. I hereby certify that I have read and understand the above requirements and that I will plat, replat or have the platting requirements waived of the subject property in case number __________________________.
  13. If your application is approved, you may need additional permits. Contact the City of Tahlequah Building Inspector's office at 918-456-0651 ext. 2266.
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