Street Cut Permit

According to City Ordinances, no person shall excavate, dig in, alter or change or interfere with any street, avenue, alley, sidewalk, pavement, curbing or other public ground or surface within the City of Tahlequah unless a permit is obtained. 

Once a Street Cut Permit Application(PDF) is submitted to the City of Tahlequah, it will be reviewed by the Street Commissioner for approval.   


  • Asphalt Surface - half cut is $700, full cut is $1,400
  • Concrete Surface - half cut is $775, full cut is $1,545
  • Gravel or Earthen Surface - half cut is $25, full cut is $50


Any person, firm or corporation violating the ordinance, can receive a fine not to exceed $500 per square foot of the street cut or imprisonment not exceeding 30 days or both fine and imprisonment. 

  1. Street Department

    Physical Address
    1104 Woodard Ave.
    Tahlequah , OK 74464


    Fax: 918-456-1062

  2. Ray Hammons

    Compliance Coordinator

  3. Ryan Young

    Code Compliance Officer

  4. Ashtin Hummingbird

    Finance Support Assistant