Fire Sprinkler Project Permit

According to City Ordinance 13-216, the Chief shall adopt all prudent measures for the prevention of fires. Whenever he has reasons to believe that the safety of property demands it, he and his authorized representatives shall have reasonable access in the daytime to any house, building or premises in this City to examine fireplaces, flues or other property or apparatus likely to cause fire, also places where ashes, gunpowder, straw, paper, shavings, hay, or other combustible or inflammable materials may be deposited, and shall give directions for the alteration or removal of the same, as he shall deem proper. Such directions shall be obeyed and complied with by the person or persons so directed immediately at their expense.

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There are also two supporting documents available for download:

Click here to download and print the Fire Sprinkler Plans Processing Checklist 

Click here to download and print the Fire Sprinkler Plan Review Submittal Requirements