Compressed Natural Gas Fueling Stations

Area Stations

Tahlequah Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Quick Fueling Station opened August 18, 2011. Located at the intersection of Woodard and Airport Parkway. Stilwell Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Quick Fueling Station is located on Highway 59 across from Maryetta School – south of the saw mill which is adjacent to our billing office.

Station Funding & Production

NOPFA was able to construct two compressed natural gas stations because of an American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (ARRA) grant. The Stimulus State Energy Program (SSEP) as administered by the Oklahoma Department of Commerce has allocated $2,265,505.73, along with NOPFA funds in the amount of $364,038.89 for a total project cost of $2,629,544.62.

A red truck with blue flames painted on the tailgate.

These state of the art stations will be able to produce 1,900 GGE (gas gallon equivalent) of compressed natural gas (CNG) in a normal 12 hour period. The Authority is very excited to provide this economic and environmental benefit to Northeast Oklahoma. As we already do at the meter, we will now be able to offer one of the lowest costs at the pump in Oklahoma.

Station Benefits

By introducing an alternative fuel to Cherokee and Adair counties, residents and public agencies with fleet vehicles can help control these costs. We are pleased to be a part of such a positive measure that can be implemented to provide a real cost savings. The Authority is always seeking opportunities to provide natural gas service to the areas we serve. By installing CNG fueling stations at each county seat we are making good use of our existing distribution network.

It is our desire to utilize these CNG fueling stations as a beginning in development of a viable CNG fueling network that will stretch across Oklahoma in every county. This will improve the mobility of residents within the state who wish to travel using CNG based vehicles, and provide them with additional economic opportunities.

Tulsa Technology Center and Oklahoma Community College both have established courses to train technicians to install and maintain CNG equipment on vehicles. This creates more jobs in education, and helps to expand the current automotive shop or creates new opportunities for other technicians. Our desire is to bring opportunities to this region and we look forward to serving the great people of Cherokee and Adair counties.